We Told You So: IfL & Tuition Fees Review

It is not our style to engage in a round of back-patting but recent news regarding the Institute for Learning and Browne’s Tuition Fees Review was not exactly news to us.

Firstly, the IfL demands for a £68 annual fee have been met with howls of derision not least because no-one can work out what the IfL is for.

Secondly, it has emerged that Browne’s Review neglected to incorporate the results of a survey costing £68k that revealed just how much opposition there was to fees and debt.

And both the IfL’s missing raison d’etre and Browne’s stitch-up were discussed at EducationState some time ago.

UPDATE: Here is the UCU link explaining their plans for battle and also a link to their anti-IfL petition


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