Not Very Joined-Up Thinking: Gove vs. IDS on foreign workers?

When you consider how desperate times apparently are in the UK, it would help that those with a democratic mandate were talking to each other.

Last week, Ian Duncan Smith urged the recruitment of British workers, a few weeks before that Michael “The Governor” Gove decided to relax the rules regulating the employment of overseas-trained teachers.

So, in other words, the UK should employ British staff and then it shouldn’t.

Or, to put it another way, British companies should recruit British workers or maybe they shouldn’t.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with overseas-trained staff, of course, especially highly-qualified and experienced teachers.

Their recruitment can address subject shortages and is much more preferable than placing undertrained Teach First newbies in the neediest classrooms.

So what on earth is going on in Tory HQ when the arse says one thing and the elbow another? Signs of an internal rift perhaps?


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