What the ESOL is going on?

Recent changes to ESOL-funding priorities have left everyone involved scratching their heads. No-one knows if students will stump up the cash for something that they once got for free, teachers don’t know if they’ll have jobs, managers don’t know how many courses they need to put on and ESOL-providers have no idea how much money […]


History of the exam Pt 3

Why are there so many exam boards? The Edumonolith is the supplier of patronage, we know, but is it really necessary to have exams tailored to every level. Learning doesn’t happen in such a cosy way so why then do we still persist with levels and grades? One exam level to join them all, please. […]


Statistical Nonsense

WE are very much against the use of numbers to assess education. Schools, colleges, universities and alike are NOT companies and shouldn’t be judged in the same way as an auditor judges a company i.e. on profits and costs. It should be the the impact on the students’ lives i.e. on their view of its […]


The History of Exams Part 2

Exams are racist, ageist, discriminate against the poor and punish those who either have no culture of exam-taking, take their time over things and/or suffer from bad teaching and/or schools.



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