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We’re happy to tell you that we’ve completed a full upgrade of our website. Please let us know what you think. As always we value your feedback and suggestions. Editors. EducationState.


Website Upgrade


We’re currently making a number of improvements to our site and have set up a temporary one. Please bear with us while we make these necessary changes. Editors EducationState


Save the Education Maintenance Allowance

“Save the EMA – Get organised for 13 December 2010 The government intends to axe the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for college students in England. This will have a massive impact on those families in our communities who most need support to undertake education. The EMA is a means-tested allowance of between £10 and £30, […]


Education Experts without Expertise

We’ve been having a look at Beeb ed journo Mike Baker’s profile. We note that the “award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster, and consultant, specialising in education” has many skills. Highly-educated Mike’s bio is, however, lacking one key thing. He has never been a teacher. He’s been to state school – whatever that means – but he’s […]


Schools or Prisons

In a local Californian newspaper – the San Bernardino Sun – Stanford Uni Education Prof David Plank warns that massive reductions in funds for education will have some very deleterious effects. In the article, ‘Money no longer there for education’, the consequences for education of efforts to close California’s massive 2011-12 budget shortfall are made […]


Continuing Americanisation of UK Education

With the narrow victory for the Coalition of One over tuition fees and the rise of Teach First, it seems that the UK is moving ever closer to becoming the newest addition to the United States of America. Teach First is modelled on Teach For America and tuition fees are commonplace in the USA where […]


Roll of Shame: MPs Who Voted For Fees Hike

Hansard data reveals who voted for the tuition fees hike yesterday. What is galling to us is the number of MPs who despite benefiting themselves from a free or heavily subsidised higher education now think there’s no hypocrisy in voting for a dramatic reduction in the very same subsidy they benefited from. Take Vince Cable. […]


Teach First & Its Charitable Status

Charity Commission

Continuing our look at Teach First, we thought we’d look closer at how an organisation set up by a former McKinsey management consultant was able to acquire charitable status in the UK. In the UK, charities are looked after by the Charity Commission. On their website page ‘Is setting up a charity the right thing […]


Is it worth learning Latin?

In Monty Pyhton’s Life of Brian a hapless Brian is caught graffitiing ‘Romans Go Home’ and subjected to an impromptu lesson in the finer points of Latin grammar by a burly centurion played by John Cleese: [youtube][/youtube] Apart from being very funny, ‘Romans go Home’ very nicely illustrates what Latin meant to the grammar-educated Monty […]


Student Voice : ESSA

Anything that looks to include younger people more in the democratic process is a good thing: “What is ESSA? ESSA is the English Secondary Students’ Association. We are run by students, for students aged 11 to 19 years old. We support young people’s voice on issues which affect their lives at school or college. We […]



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