Lessons from London Schools, Self-Promotion and the Myth of Education Research

We were a little undecided as to whether or not to write this post because of the youthfulness of those involved in Lessons from London Schools: Investigating the Success (LLS), the study that we will critique, and not wanting for youthful enthusiasm to be overly dampened by what is to be said about the LLS […]

Where’s Wally? How To Spot A Corporate Education Reformer

A further excerpt, this time from the writings of another strong critic of the corporate education reform movement, Leonie Haimson (@leoniehaimson), who leads Class Size Matters in New York City (“a non-profit, non-partisan clearinghouse for information on class size and the proven benefits of smaller classes”) and who was a co-founder of Parents Across America […]

While The Cat’s Away…

For all those celebrating the news of Toby Young’s ‘free’ school funding green light, recent events in one Los Angeles’s charter school group should perhaps make us more than a little concerned about the future integrity of opt-out schools. The LA Times report that “The Los Angeles Board of Education voted Tuesday to begin the […]

2011 – More of the Same?

With the arrival of the New Year and in our first post of 2011, we wanted to consider what lies ahead for education this coming year. We couldn’t help but think that this year – 2011 – will resemble 2010 in so many ways: -There will be more unnecessary policy innovations handed down from above […]

Continuing Americanisation of UK Education

With the narrow victory for the Coalition of One over tuition fees and the rise of Teach First, it seems that the UK is moving ever closer to becoming the newest addition to the United States of America. Teach First is modelled on Teach For America and tuition fees are commonplace in the USA where […]

‘Private firm gets failing grade’

A Seattle Times article on McKinsey & Company’s strategy for public education clearly demonstrates what misery and trouble is in store for UK education if the management consultants get their way. “POP quiz: (We hope you’ve been paying attention because this is a high-stakes test; wrong answers may lead to the dismantling of our schools.) […]


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